Labradoodle Puppies Available - Just $2,000 (plus sales tax)!

labradoodle puppy


Eeyore is as adorable as his namesake, but never fear - his personality is much more cheerful and charming! Eeyore is going to be someone's best pal. We see him teaming up with his new person for long walks around the park, afternoons playing fetch in the yard, and so much more. Plus, he will give plenty of puppy kisses!

Eeyore collage

labradoodle puppy


Little Piglet is the sweetest baby boy. We adore the personality on this pup and we know you will too. He is going to bring a lot of love to his new family. If you are looking for a family friend for your kiddos to enjoy or a companion for your furry friend, Piglet is your guy.

Piglet collage

We provide top-quality Australian Labradoodles for family companions that are sound in breeding lines, temperament, socialization, and confirmation

At Arch View we:

  • Pick only the “best” dogs in temperament, health and confirmation to use as breeding stock.
  • Maintain original breeding lines of the Australian Multi-generational Labradoodle.
  • Keep dogs and puppies as family members first and breeding stock second.
  • Provide the best quality care for dogs and puppies.
  • Give each puppy the best possible start in health care, training, nutrition, and socialization.
  • Match the “right” family with the “right” dog.
  • Provide on-going support for families and their puppies/dogs.
  • Support local community and charities.
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Top Australian Labradoodle Breeder for Illinois and Missouri

ArchView Labradoodles, LLC is a small family Australian Labradoodle Breeder, located near Edwardsville, IL (20 minutes from St. Louis, MO). Archview Labradoodles, LLC is owned by the Gestes family. Our dogs are members of our family; they live in our home with our 3 children or with loving guardian homes as family pets. They are family companions first, and breeding dogs second. We believe that because of the attention, love, and socialization that our dogs and puppies receive, they are the best Australian Labradoodles in Illinois and Missouri.

If you are considering a Labradoodle, make sure you do your research. You will quickly find that the Australian Labradoodle temperament makes them a top-notch family companion that is great for allergy-suffers and excellent with children.